Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holidays 2011

We had another busy holiday season with our families. The kids are at such a fun age. They get so excited about everything. Emma loved the lights, trees, bows, paper and baby dolls. Brady knew what he wanted and every time he opened a gift he was soooo excited. We also took the kids to Nashville during break to see Shrektakular and to Dave and Busters. They had a great time. We are truly blessed to have such close family and friends and we are grateful for our time with them, especially at the holidays.

Polar Express

This year we decided to have a Polar Express Party and invite Brady and Emma's friends over to make pizzas and cookies and have hot chocolate and popcorn, watching the Polar Express. The next night we all went on a train ride to the North Pole to see Santa. The kids loved spending time together and the train ride was a big hit.

Halloween 2011

Brady was the Big Bad Wolf and Emma was one of the three pigs this year. They are all about the Three Little Pigs and I couldn't resist the pig outfit.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Fall Break 2011

Well we've had a great fall break. We've gone to Crawford's pumpkin patch, the zoo, Robert's Farm, took Brady fishing and even to Blazers Fun Zone. It has been beautiful weather so we have been outside as much as possible.
The kids loved Crawford's Pumpkin Patch. They ran through the mazes, climbed the huge haystack to the slide, saw the animals and took a train ride in different animal cars.
The zoo was also a lot of fun. It was such a beautiful day and all of the animals were out for us to see. Brady and Jessi got to feed a giraffe and we got to see the new baby polar bear. They have out all of the Halloween decor so Brady wanted to take pics with the different characters. He loves going to the zoo and asks tons of questions about each animal. The funniest thing all day was after he fed the giraffe we saw the lions and Brady asked, "Can I feed the lions too?"
One night this week we went to Robert's Farm with Jason's parents. We took a hayride back to the pumpkin patch and let the kids pick out their own pumkins. They also got to feed the baby goats and do other fun things.
We had a great Fall Break with lots of good family time, but it has gone by way too fast.